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Kevin Finley is a tournament bass fisherman, fishing tournaments around the United States. Kevin performs seminars at Bass Pro Shops, is featured in various articles, and you can catch him on fishing television programs throughout the year. Kevin's passion for fishing runs deep! Enjoy the site, and we       hope to help you catch that next big one.

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makes a fish bigger than almost being caught." - Unknown

Below - A wintertime Bassresource.com on-the-water article on Texas rigs. We whacked some good ones that day. Fun day on the water with outdoor writer Margie L. Anderson. Just click on the blue button or the picture below to read up on it.

Below - Springtime Insideline.net article. The D-Shad killed 'em on the water that day. Be sure you have them in your box. Just click the blue button or the picture below to read up on it.

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 2016 Year Recap Video
 It was a great year!
Thanks to the Lord, my wife, all the co- anglers on my boat and the guys I fished with in 2016. Had such a great time, that..... I'd do it over again in a heartbeat. Upward and onward!
  Had a great time on Fishing with Johnny Johnson
Not out on YouTube yet, so catch the show on FOX Sports Az. Recorded a little clip for you from my living room, which you can view on the right. Mrs. Finley must think I'm nuts. 

Click on Johnny's picture to go to his website and watch some great fishing shows!
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