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"I've managed to convince my wife that somewhere in the Bible it says, 'Man cannot have too many shotguns and fishing poles.' " - ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Norman Schwarzkopf


  1. Killing em on the D-Shad that day
  2. Tournament morning Lake Havasu
  3. Waiting for weigh in with Mrs. Finley
  4. WWBT Championship, Lake Mead
  5. WWBT Championship, Lake Mead
  6. WWBT Championship, Lake Mead
  7. WWBT Championship, Lake Mead
  8. Mrs. Finley with a good catch
  9. Double digit Clear Lake monster fell to a 6XD
  10. WWBT Championship, Lake Mead
  11. My ship
  12. Lake Pleasant gave up a lot of fish for me this year
  13. Dylan Maxon with a Lake Plez stud
  14. Storms rolling in before game time
  15. Mrs. Finley with a good catch
  16. Mrs. Finley with a good catch
  17. On the road
  18. NBA Celebrity Tournament Castaic Lake
  19. Mrs. Finley and I coming back from a tournament in the RV
  20. California Delta
  21. Good bag at the ABA Championship
  22. Always nice when you place and get big fish. Cranked my way to a check.
  23. Lake Roosevelt
  24. Bass Pro Shops kids day with Mrs. Finley. Love helping the kids fish.
  25. Wintertime stud
  26. Love tournament mornings
  27. Good one
  28. Bartlett flipping pig
  29. Saguaro meat
  30. Pow wow with the marketing team w/my title sponsor, Trapp Technology
  31. 7.5 and 3.5.... I'll take it.
  32. I don't remember if I was explaining a good day or a bad one. Lol
  33. Double fist this
  34. Haahaha... Look at that bluegill. Insanity.
  35. Christian Athlete breakfast with fellow touring pro Sean Torgrude.
  36. Okay... keeps me alive.
  37. Striper would not leave the topwater alone today. Monsters.
  38. Nitro Team with Brett Hite speaking. Great having Brett out tonight.
  39. Helping the kids catch a few at Bass Pro Shops
  40. That fish on the left looks like a Meanmouth to me. Acted like it too.
  41. Mrs. Finley out to the Spring Classic at Bass Pro Shops
  42. Love the rain
  43. Sunset. Fishing with Dylan Maxon
  44. It was great having Clifford Perch come out tonight. Big crowd.
  45. Mrs. Finley first on the board at Castaic Lake practice
  46. Bass Pro Shops seminar night
  47. Mrs. Finley standing on my rods.
  48. Touring pro, A&M Graphics Andrew Napolean with PG13
  49. Pro Angler Todd woods and Josh Huestis of the Ok City Thunder
  50. Johnny Johnson and coach Billy Donavan
  51. NBA Celebrity Tournament
  52. Johnny and coach Donovan fishing
  53. Jacob Wheeler fishing from Matt Shura's boat in the NBA Celebrity Tournament

  How-to Videos​​ from YouTube

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  7. In the boat with Greg Hackney! - how to skip and swim a jig
  8. Beyond the Basics | David Dudley on Summertime Cranking
  9. "The Last Cast" w/ Jason Christie - On Jerk Baits
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